Tuesday, December 29, 2009

For some cute girls on my Christmas List...

Now that Christmas is over I can post all the projects I have been working hard on...WHEEE! Hubs and I both come from large-ish families (he is the 5th of eight kids, I am the 5th of seven) so we don't do presents for everyone in our families. Especially since those siblings are married and have anywhere from 1-5 kids...the list gets big quickly. When we were little we would draw names and we got them a big present. Now that we are older (and wiser?) we are on a rotation each year. This year we had Hub's oldest brother and his wife who have 4 kids (2 girls, 2 boys) and live in SLC. In my family we had my oldest brother and his wife and THEIR 4 kids (3 girls and 1 boy) who live in my hometown in Missouri. Money was tight tight tight! I didn't have a job until the end of November and the Hub is in Grad School and not working. So we decided to go as home made as possible this year. This is what we came up with.

Little notebooks made into purses (for the girls) to take to church, or wherever they want. I did a really cute one for Justice (who has to have whatever his big sisters have) without straps. It has trucks and tire tracks and "zoom" all over the front. It's way cute. I got so ambitious in getting them ready for Christmas that I wrapped his before I snapped a picture:( Whoops! The ribbon and buttons are sewed on thru the notebook. Also did some for my nieces Danielle, Lilly and Kate, but I had to wrap them and send them early so I don't have pictures of them either. I think Lilly's is my fave, it is SO darling! I'll see if my SIL can send me a picture. Even I was impressed with how well they turned out. My brother tried to tell me I should sell them....he flatters me:)

This is Grace's

This is Hazey's

Got the idea from Linds @ That's so Cuegly

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  1. Haven't looked at your blog in awhile....and found this!!! My girls do carry them around where ever they go! If they can't find them...it's probably in the van! I like to admire your talent and say to myself how stinkn' cute they are as I step over them at times :) LOVE you Lis!


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