Saturday, December 12, 2009

What Kind of World...

This video is very touching and thought provoking. I'm sure you all know Autism has become my new soapbox, and I am sorry if I over-do it. But it's something I see and deal with almost daily. I can't help but wonder all the potential these children have that is not being realized.

How must a parent feel to see their child that they waited and hoped for, prayed would come, arrive looking absolutely perfect. They develop normally until about 18-24 months when they have vaccines mandated by the government. Their children then suddenly start to slide backwards in development, stop talking, making eye contact, relating to others, responding to their name, even walking normally. Their hearts must break a thousand times over every day, thinking of the pain their child is in, being trapped in their own body, wanting to express what they want or need but unable to do so. They will never go to a normal school, get married, go to college, realize all the dreams you have for them when they are growing inside your body and your heart. In a way, you lose your child.

A survey done in 2004 asked parents if they thought vaccinations caused their child's autism. 70% said yes, with the other 30% offering explanations that it's possible. To see the survey and details go here. The statistics for autistic children are startling, a new study released in October 2009 shows the new numbers: 1 in 91 children have autism. (Read the press release here) This is becoming an epidemic that needs to be fixed. More information about the link between autism and vaccines can be found by going to this website:

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