Wednesday, January 06, 2010


So I do lots of dreaming about homes and decorating. And by dreaming I usually mean day dreaming. But counter space and storage space (for the kitchen and my entire household) are something my NIGHT dreams are made of. For real. Last week I dreamed I had a ginormous kitchen with not one but TWO dishwashers (an upgrade from our big fat zero unless you count my own hands, which I do NOT!), yards and yards of counter space, a non-divided farm sink, and more cabinets than I could clean in an entire day. I remember because in my dream I tried to clean them in one day. We have a whole 3 square feet of counter space, and 2 cabinets. It makes me crazy. All kinds of crazy! I was also watching a self imposed "Color Splash" marathon on my DVR and he had the most LOVERLY clear glass mosaic tile back splash. I had to go online right away and find some of my own. (sigh) DE-VINE!

Hello Lover!

This takes me back to my days in my Grandpa's farmhouse.

I don't just like the sink, I love the faucet.

Pretty farm sink

Love the circles. Very understated

So fresh and pretty! I'm afraid trying to keep it spotless with a houseful of kids would drive me to drink however. I'm pretty sure all the counter space would help be cope:)

Love the tiled back splash. And the stainless steel..
Love the blues and how it fades from dark to light the higher it goes.I like the mix of the green and browns and how they mix with the chocolate counter tops.
Wouldn't these be uber fun in a bathroom?!

They just look so nice!


  1. Oh yes, I can so appreciate your dreams. We did a complete remodel of our kitchen two years ago and that is one thing that I regret not doing, a farmhouse sink. I guess I was so excited to have a larger kitchen to cook in that I forgot to bring in that element. (MY loss because I know I don't dare ask to redo the kitchen sink, I can see the HUGE eyeroll now followed by "Why didn't you think of that before?)
    At least your dreams are still ahead of you.

  2. I adore damask and your background is stunning.

    I love your ideas......where is the 3rd from the bottom tiles from (the greenish round tiles that look like bubbles)?

    THanks - queenoftheclick@YAHOO.COM


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