Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vintage Stoves

We were watching some episodes of one of our all time faves "Everybody Loves Raymond" tonight and 80% of the episode took place in Deborah's kitchen. I couldn't help but notice (in between fits of laughter where I was within seconds of wetting my pants at Robert's pantlessness) the gorgeous stove gracing Deb's kitchen. HELLO! How have I never noticed that before?! I decided not to point it out to my hubs since he was busy laughing and I didn't wish to interrupt about a house/decorating detail...AGAIN! But I searched the web and found some beauties that I want in a kitchen of my own someday.

I see a shining ray of light. This is soso pretty! Courtesy of Old House Web

I can just imagine something like this in my Grandma's kitchen. Courtesy of Antique Gas Stoves

How cute is this?! The orange is fun, I wish I could be brave enough to have an orange stove. But I love the warming rack in the middle. Courtesy of Home Appliances

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