Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little Lady Aprons

March is a busy birthday month for my family. Luckily the Mumford side didn't add that many to the mix. I did not get an early enough start this year. RABBIT! (as Moff would say) I wanted to make my nephew that's turning one and LOVES books a quiet book. Alas this idea came to me a week before it would need to be done and I am but one woman with limited time. Maybe I will send it when I get it finished. He is too young to know that it's belated right? 

Anyway, so I have been working on birthday presents for two of my favorite cuties. My nieces Aubrey who will be turning 8 and getting baptized! And her sister Gracie who will be 6 (going on 26). She's got more spunk than women three times her age! I got the sewing bug one Saturday and wanted to make them something. I had some odds and ends of fabric and it was just enough to make some cute little aprons! YESSSSSS!

I started with some polka dotted remnant fabric from Wally World
The turquoise fabric is some cloth napkins. I bought a set of 4 on clearance at Target for $2. Extra buttons I had in my button bin.
Ribbon I had on hand.

This is the fabric for the other apron. Also Wal-Mart remnant fabric. I love the red and white striped flannel. It makes me think of Christmas morning flannel PJ's.
Spare white cotton fabric
White ribbon
Buttons from button bin

I didn't get a picture of this step since I didn't have my models to measure and I was too impatient excited to wait for my sister to get them to me. Measure their waist and cut about 8-10 extra inches, depending on how much you want it gathered.

Here's the pocket for one of them. I folded it in half to make sure it was symmetrical since I have issues there.

Pinned and ironed edges. Sewed them to give a nice edge seam.

There are several ways I could have gathered/pleated this apron. I chose to fold the top seam over and sew. I just eyeballed it because it doesn't need to be perfect since the sash will be sewed over the top of this.

Here's the fold in my fabric. Fold and pin to your hearts content.

 Sew straight seam along the top, keeping the folds in place

Here is what it should look like when you're done with that step.

Sewed ribbon along the bottom to clean up the edge. Also added it to the top to use as the sash to tie in back. Again, make this about twice the length of their waist measurement. They'll want room to make a bow in back

Some detail of the pocket on the polka dot apron. I hand sewed it since I wanted it to kind of have a visible, irregular, handcrafted stitch on the edge.

Some button detail on the bottom of the red one. Red button with white thread, white buttons with red thread.

Flowers on the front instead of a pocket. Made from ribbon and buttons using this tutorial.

I know a lot of people use No Fray but I don't keep it on hand and clear nail polish does the same thing. Painted it on the edges to keep the ribbons from fraying.

Finished product! (It needs to be ironed obviously:)

Hand stitching on the pocket. It makes me giggle.

Red-striped one. Don't you love the pleats at the top?!

My little flower friends

 Now some pictures of my muses:
Isn't she so happy and smiley?! Aubrey Vernene

Me and my Aubrey Girl

 Chillin on a Summer afternoon

Nothing livens up a road trip like a self-photo shoot of funny faces!

Isn't she just irresistible?! I love my Gracie Ann!

This was the day we were twins:)

Nothing like a snuggly princess in her jammies.

 Gracie is in love with Bryce my hubs. The weekend we traveled for him to meet my family before we were engaged she followed him around EVERYWHERE!

 Gracie and Aubrey and I

Gracie, Me and Aubrey Pioneer Day Parade


  1. These turned out darling!!! Well done!

  2. Lissa, they are so CUTE! What a great idea for a gift! The girls are adorable!! Have a great weekend!

  3. The aprons are so cute! I love your fabric choices. Your girls are adorable. Most beautiful smiles :)

  4. Those aprons are adorable! I need to get a sewing machine and learn to make great stuff like this! I hope the girls like their presents!

  5. Those aprons you made are adorable! So so cute. I love the details you added!



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