Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ellie Bean

How cute is this little girl?! I cant even stand it! This is one of my 6 nieces (and 4 nephews) that live far, far, far away. So far away I sometimes wonder if I imagined it existed. I miss them terribly wretchedly. So much so it makes me cry when I hear their favorite songs on the radio, or see their picture on my fridge, or hear their cute voicemails on my phone. Positively gut-wrenching! But these pictures make me feel closer to them. And make me feel like MAYBE not as much time has passed as really has whenever I get to see them again. I love you Ellie Bean! You have a little piece of my heart that I will never get back. And that is okay with me.
Here is my sister's post about this diva's "outfit":

This morning Ellie came up the stairs wearing this! She was also demanding breakfast and her Uncle Jarom. This girl loves her some strawberry oatmeal and Uncle Jarom!! It is now 9:30...and she's still wearing most of this. The sunglasses proved too annoying to eat in so they had to go. Spencer snatched one of her necklaces and there was a small scuffle regarding Spencer's crocs...but in the end, Ellie Almighty won and now she's sitting on the couch in her morning garb, watching "Max & Ruby", her tummy full of strawberry oatmeal...but still no Uncle Jarom.

He's at school. You know, that wretched place that snags all her older playmates for hours and days and years on end. Not sure how this little thing will make it through when Jarom goes on a mission in a year and a half...and then to college...and then gets married and lives far, far away. I'm not gonna tell her about all that stuff yet.

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  1. My daughter use to dress just like that... She is such a girly girl... Very cute photos. Tell your sister to enjoy it as long as she can they grow so fast. Mine is now almost 13....

    First time here, and can't remember how I found you, sorry! Very cute blog!


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