Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thoughts of Spring

So Valentine's is all but officially over and who is ready for Spring? ME ME ME! I am ready for: 
  •  Sunshine
  • Flowers
  • Springtime colors
  • temperatures above 50 degrees
Since I live in Utah that is probably wishful thinking. It IS after all only the middle of February and we usually get snow until April. But a girl can dream. And dream I will. I don't know if I have E-V-E-R been so ready for Spring in my entire life. I literally feel like I will throw up if it snows again. I'm allergic to winter. Here are some of my favorite Spring-y things that are getting me thru:
Grey and Yellow blossom rug from Target

Multi-colored flower rug from Target
I wish I could have something like this in my home but alas, it has pink! I love the swirls with the flowers though. It reminds me of something David Bromstad would to on ColorSplash.

Colorful throw pillow from Pier 1. This is bright and fun, kinda Asian inspired. I love it!

I love this bedding from Pottery Barn. And the bed. How gorgeous are those legs?!

Lovin this door handle from Anthro. I love it so much I would spend $42 on it. I could do an entire post just on things I want to do with antique door handles. They are so full of character!

Fun pillow from Pier 1. This is literally blooming!

 This pretty rug is from Anthropologie. Mustard is my new favorite color these days.
Curtains from Anthropologie. Which I love and all but over $100 for curtains? Not a chance. Wouldn't this be great with the rug above? Mmmm loverly.

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  1. hmmmm.. I love those curtains. Not 100 bones love, but there's feelings there for sure. Congrats on being PREGO!! I hope you feel better soon! I have a special place in my heart for pregnant sick-o mommies. It won't last forever!!! Even though it feels like it!! Lol.

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!




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