Saturday, January 16, 2010


I PROMISE my next post will be of a craft that I did. I have been really busy lately and really only have time for scrapbooking and people don't want to see my scrapbook pages sooo. Anyway I have a love affair with ruffles, among other things. I have always loved them but gotten more into things with ruffles lately. They just suck me in! I have purchased more than a couple shirts and shoes lately with ruffles. Delicious!

Are you kidding me?! My 2 favorite things: ruffles and damask.
I think I could make one of these pillows fairly easy
I love the stripes. Kinda sailor-ish. I even like it displayed on the easel. Very beach house-y.

Ruffly pillows in all shapes and sizes...
And colors...
I LOVE THIS! It looks like actual flower petals all over the pillow.

I think I like this. It would probably be pretty easy to do...
I bought some back satin flats identical to these. I LOOOOVE the ruffles on the top.
I am wiping the drool off my chin from looking at these. The color is fantastic. They're $500 Jimmy Choo's. (not) Awesome.
My 2 favorite things: ruffles and polka dots!
This dress is so cute! Wouldn't it be great with a cute little white cardigan and steel silver flats?!
This ruffled pencil skirt from Victoria's Secret is on sale!
This is just lovely! I want to try and make one...we'll see how I do
Wouldn't this be fun to wear dancing?
Normally I would say this is over the top. But it's a wedding dress. And don't you want everyone looking at you on your wedding day? I know a couple girls who could pull this off beautifully.
My wedding dress was VERY similar to this. I wish I woulda shown this to my seamstress. Those ruffles along the sides are BEYOND gorgeous!
Oh I love this dress!

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