Monday, January 11, 2010

Furniture Love

I am already decorating a house I don't own, or am even shopping for. I, for one, consider it a hobby.

For knick-knacks in a corner of a living room

Wouldn't this be grrrrrreat for an entryway/front hallway to gather shoes and such?

This would go in my turquoise and chocolate brown themed living room now.

I want these for dining room seat cushions! Too bad they have pink flowers, the hubs has veto-ed them...:'(

I wanna put our flat screen on this someday. It's sleek and classic but not TOO big and bulky.I want this pretty lady at the foot of our king bed that will have a frame (someday:)


  1. Lissa, no leprechauns needed for cheap birdcages girlfriend! I found that guy for $3 at a thrifstore over the summer. It was ugly before. It had fake floral pretties glued to it and was covered in gold glitter glue. Nothing spraypaint couldn't handle :). Keep your eyes open and I'm sure you'll score one.

  2. You have a darling blog! Cute, cute, cute stuff. Can I daydream right along with you? I love to dream about all the stuff I could fill my house fun! LOVE that bench with the cubbies and that beautiful sofa! I think we share some of the same favorites!


  3. What a fun blog Lissa! What fun treasures. Sometimes it's more fun to dream than actually buying things! I love the sofa -- my living room is turquoise and it would be so cute in there. I love the size of it too!



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