Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Medicine Cabinet

I bought this medicine cabinet thing at Rod Works a few years ago for $10. I loved it at the time and had the intention of doing a shadow-box thing with it but it never came into fruition.

The shelves are really too short to put anything in so it's just hung on my bathroom wall.
I love the distressed and antiqued look.

I also loved the color so I didn't want to paint it. I decided to take the door off. Because it was "authentically antiqued" (a.k.a rusted:) I had to kind of man-handle the screws to get them out because some of the heads and the hinges were stripped and rusted.

I moved the D-rings from the top to the side and tied a ribbon through them. I liked the raw wood spots where the hinges used to be. It makes it more authentic to me so I just left 'em. I added some paper and mod podge to the back. I want to add some knobs for jewelry or some knick-knacks.
Now, any ideas what to do with the unused door?


  1. What a clever girl! I LOVE the transformation, especially that you left the majority of the chippy paint intact, just highlighted its beauty with the colors in the background. I think we have a similar medicine chest in our barn...hmmm, you have me thinkin! Thanks, Deborah

  2. So CUTE!!!
    You should make the door a make-shift picture frame!?

  3. Hi, Lissa, I'm a pen pal of your Aunt Pat. She sent me the link to your blog this morning. I've loved browsing thru all your clever ideas. About your door.. My hubby & I just made an earring holder by folding hardware mesh into 1/2" pockets and stapling it to the back of a frame. We added some pegs at the bottom to hang necklaces. Turned out great! I wear clip-ons but I'm thinking you could adapt the idea for pierced as well. Anyway, might give you a jumping off place. Have fun! :)

  4. How cute to take it apart and use both pieces! It looks really cute! I always think door or windows look cute with a sweet wreath tied on with ribbon. I really like the look of that door.

  5. Wow...I love how you think outside the box girl! And that old medicine cabinet makes a fabulous shelf! I love the brown's and blue's you used too. As for the door, the only thing I can think of is to make a cute tray for a side board or buffet. Good luck...I can't wait to see what you do with it!

    Thanks for linkin' up to FF

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous


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