Monday, October 12, 2009

Brown is my favorite color...

Put these together for my sisters house. I got the idea from a chica who did black block letters on craft paper and then framed them. It was really cute. I kind of wanted these to pop a little bit more. The colors for her living room are an olive green, eggplant purple accented with black and brown pillows.
I got these frames at the Dollar Tree...tacky gold plastic. Pretty hideous.

Not real cute, I promise. But for $1...

So I added my new favorite thing: BLACK SPRAY PAINT!
I covered the block letters in mod podge and stuck on the craft paper. I let it dry and then cut around the letter's edges with an ex-acto knife. I sanded them down a bit and left them distressed. Then I glued them to some craft paper that would make them pop out of the frame. I have some rub on letters that I added to the corners of the letter to add some detailing.

Finished B.

Here is the O.

I had to do the frames length-wise because the W was too wide to fit in it the other way.
Not too shabby. I am excited to show them to her and see how they look on the wall!

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  1. Oh I loooove to spray paint things black!! This is a darling idea!


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