Monday, September 27, 2010

Window Pane for Baby Mumf

I have a VERY generous friend who has a knack for getting her hands on all kinds of awesome vintage crafty stuff. We have very similar taste. She is someone who inspired me at a young age to enjoy crafting and inpspired my style. She's me home-girl:) When I was home for my baby shower, she gave me a big window and a small one, I could hardly wait to do something cute with it! The only problem was narrowing it down. There are a million options! I'd wanted to do something like this for months, since I saw a Ballard Inspired Design and I knew making one for the baby would be a good start because if I made some goofs, he doesn't care! And not everyone who walks in my front door will see it, unlike if I were to do one for the living room.

 This is the lovely on my drop sheet. I gave it a little hand sanding to get rid of the flaking paint, a straight edge to get rid of the paint on the glass, and some windex to clean the glass.

I liked the white, but I thought "Why not add some blue? So I gave the edges of the frame a couple coats of some baby blue paint. Not sure I like it...I'm undecided.

Here are the papers I picked out. Blue and orange is the color scheme for the room. I decided to go with colors, rather than a theme like jungle animals, or sports.

I trimmed my paper down to size (no picture of this step) and then added Mod Podge to the glass and stuck my paper on. *In this project I found out less-is-more with the Mod Podge. Too much made it bubble.*

Ta-Da! Again, not sure how I feel about the blue. Should I take it off? I just don't know...


  1. soooo cute...i like the blue, but i would suggest hanging it up and see if it grows on you after a week or so. the bom's gonna love it :)

  2. This is so cute! You should distress the frame...then I think it would look really cute!


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